Growth Sanctuary is officially OPEN!

Hello! We’re Jaya and Jarrod, and we’re so excited to announce that Growth Sanctuary is now open. We’ve been counting down to this day for months. For those of you who have been waiting for this day with us (and waiting for us to finally explain what we’re about!) here’s our first shot at explaining our vision.

Growth Sanctuary is a holistic wellness space run by Jaya Berged (emotional wellness coach) and Jarrod Dunn (physical wellness coach). It’s a space where we invite anyone to come as you are – we meet you where you’re at, provide effective structure and supportive witness, and guide you into an empowered growth journey towards being your fullest and most authentic self. We do this in a way that honours not only your desire to  grow, but also your need for nurturing rest. (Hence our name: Growth Sanctuary.)

We run a 4-week repeatable coaching program that starts on the 2nd day and ends on the 29th day of every calendar month. It is a structured, cyclical growth program that builds on the essential concepts of presence, play, practice, and progress. The weekly themes are constant, but the experience and growth is unique and ever-deepening for every participant in every iteration they sign up for. Your starting point can be something you’re already fairly happy with (and you’re looking to level up from there), or it can be something you perceive as a mess that you want help sorting out (possibly to gain momentum where there is inertia) – it’s literally all welcome here. All you need to bring is genuine intent and willingness to show up for yourself: there are no other prerequisites.

Both coaches personally practice and swear by the Growth Sanctuary process, and have developed this program based on the best of what’s worked for us over the years in our own personal growth journeys. We have also tested this program in full (with several clients from diverse backgrounds, life situations, and personal goals) prior to official launch, and we are absolutely delighted with how this program has landed with so many people so far. We can’t wait to welcome all our present and future clients for subsequent offerings of this program! If you’d like to sign up for the next program intake, book a chat with us here.

In addition to our monthly program (which is capped at 10 participants in any given month, in order to ensure our dedicated support and witness to every client’s individual journey), we also run group workshops in and around Melbourne, as well as online. Follow our meetup page for all open workshop listings.

We look forward to growing with you!

Jarrod Dunn and Jaya Berged

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