Breaking the Ice

We’re so glad you’re here, and we’re excited about all the connections we’re going to form in this space. 

We wanted to share this little “icebreaker” video (tee-hee, we hope you like puns because there will be more) to introduce you to our vibe and set expectations, so we hope you enjoy this and don’t forget to follow our socials (@growthsanctuary) and leave comments or feedback! ❤

In this video, we’re going for an exploration of “playful challenge”, and what it can look like for different people to dabble with the same thing. Oftentimes people who create video content are people with great practice and experience (people like Jarrod in this video), whose influencer-like impressiveness can make things feel daunting or out of reach for people dipping their toes in for the first time (tee-hee, told you there’d be more puns). 

We want our community to know that we support everyone’s growth at EVERY level – we are pro-excellence, but we’re also pro-fun. We’re pro-discipline and pro-consistency, but we’re also pro-justshowingupwhenyoucan and pro-celebratingsporadicwins. Growth looks different for different people, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. We hope we can actively demonstrate (through this video as well as future content) our commitment to authentically celebrating each person’s individual way of engaging with their world and navigating their own vision and goals.

Jarrod has decades of experience and accomplishment in the physical wellness space, and Jaya has journeyed deeply with the mental and emotional wellness space. We’re both relatively new to each other’s spaces (we have been coaching each other since 2020). But we’re both equally worthy of engaging with anything in either space, and we’re both here to show you what things looks like from where we’re at. We’re keeping it awesome, but also keeping it real – we’re not here for likes but for impact.

Obligatory disclaimer: No Jayas were harmed in the making of this video (and all the fun she is seen to be having is 100% unscripted and authentic) 😀

Wellness coaching is trending massively in online spaces at the moment, and choice paralysis can make it hard to engage with ANY of the available options. So we’re making a conscious choice to prioritize posting content that helps you genuinely see, feel, and connect with our unique vibe. We’re not going to flood your feeds with generic content, we’re not here to just make noise into the internet. Your time and attention is valuable, and we aren’t going to be one more reason you stay hooked to endlessly scrolling through social media 🙂 we encourage everyone to get plenty of screen-free time to recentre and ground yourself, and live a life that leans more towards conscious empowerment than passively on autopilot.

Until next time!

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